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AcryGel brush

AcryGel brush£3.50  (3)

AcryGel Duo Clear - 28gm x2

AcryGel Duo Clear - 28gm x2£31.99  (6)

AcryGel Duo French Pink - 28gm x2

AcryGel Duo French Pink - 28gm x2£31.99  (1)

AcryGel Finishing Wipe 250ml

AcryGel Finishing Wipe 250ml£5.95  (3)

"Decent sized bottle for the cost. Not a strong odour either."

"Definitely a product that is excellent value for money! A little goes a long way and the delivery on this item was almost immediate"

AcryGel Primer Pen

AcryGel Primer Pen£3.60  (1)

AcryGel UV Gel Clear - 28gm

AcryGel UV Gel Clear - 28gm£21.99  (3)

AcryGel UV Gel French Pink - 28gm

AcryGel UV Gel French Pink - 28gm£21.99  (1)

AcryGel UV Sealer 15ml

AcryGel UV Sealer 15ml£10.75  (1)

Acrygel UV Sealer 15ml

Exotic Glow Spray Tanning Solution 1Ltr

Exotic Glow Spray Tanning Solution 1Ltr£42.00  (2)

Natural looking tan that is compatible with ALL Skin types - DHA content = 8% - No Streaking - Safe & Easy to Apply - Fades naturally leaving skin soft and ready for next application.


Instant Nail Glue 3gm

Instant Nail Glue 3gm£0.75

Nail Wipes (Lint free) 200 Pack

Nail Wipes (Lint free) 200 Pack£2.40  (2)

"Not used these yet but they are good value for the money. Prompt delivery."





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